Sniffing Out Parkinson's Disease

Woman capable of identifying Parkinson's sufferers based strictly on smell

Parkinson's disease affects 1% of individuals over the age of 60, and the incidence only increases with age, according to the Parkinson's Foundation. While there is currently no cure and diagnosis is based strictly on the observation of symptoms, that could all be changing thanks to one woman's unique sense of smell. 

Joy Milne first garnered international attention in 2015 when she participated in a study at the University of Manchester and was able to accurately identify people suffering from the disease simply by smelling the t-shirts they had slept in. Now researchers are taking these findings a step further and, using an advanced technology called mass spectrometry, have been able to identify 10 molecules that are unique to Parkinson's sufferers.

"Although right now there's no cure, finding out whether someone has Parkinson's early on could allow for better management of symptoms through medication and physiotherapy, giving those living with the disease a better quality of life," reported.

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