Baxter International Inc. is a multinational life science and health care company that manufactures laboratory instruments for use in research, medical, biotech, academic, and chemical laboratories all over the world. Donald Baxter, a medical doctor from Los Angeles, founded the company in 1931. Initially, the company provided intravenous therapy solutions to patients. This quickly expanded into the production of other well-known medical and laboratory equipment models. Baxter International now manufactures a wide range of medical laboratory products, with a focus on fluidic handling systems. Their most well-known laboratory product is the Baxa repeater pump model for fluidic applications. When Baxter products arrive at our facility, they are funneled through our inbound quality control process, where our technicians validate and test them to ensure that you receive the best performing product possible. When you buy from The Lab World Group, you’ll get high-quality equipment at a low price, as well as a 30-day warranty and excellent customer service.