BINDER GmbH, originally named WTB BINDER Labortechnik GmbH and created by Peter M. Binder, is a leading distributor of temperature and culture-climate lab products since 1983. They’re a German-based company headquartered in Tuttlingen, Germany, whose mission is to serve customers with the best products, services, and advice. Today Binder is an international supplier of laboratory incubators, lab ovens, climate chambers, vacuum chambers, and ULT freezers. Some of their best products include Binder VD23 Gravity Convection Oven, VD53 Vacuum Drying Chamber, BD115 Gravity Convection Incubator, Binder ED53 Convection Incubator, and the Binder KB53 Refrigerated Incubator. Each Binder product we have in stock, along with all our other products, has been fully tested, validated, and are backed with our 30-day warranty. When you chose to buy from The Lab World Group, you are guaranteed quality lab equipment and customer service so that you’ll receive the best product.