Bio-Rad has grown into a global leader in the manufacturing and development of life science, research, and clinical lab products since it was founded in 1952. The company was initially founded in Berkeley, California, by husband-and-wife David and Alice Schwartz, both graduates of the University of California, Berkeley. Today Bio-Rad is one of the top five life science companies in all of the world. Their products primarily include instruments, software, and reagents for cell biology protein quantitation, drug discovery, gene expression, food safety, and general science education.

Bio-Rad is recognized for its top-performing products such as PCR machines (including RT PCR and qPCR), Electrophoresis, Microplate Readers, Cell Imagers, Flow Cytometers, Lab Imaging Systems, and Chromatography Systems. Some of their best products include CFX96 qPCR, CFX384 RT PCR, PTC200, S1000 Thermal Cycler, and the C1000 Touch Thermal Cycler. These high-in-demand lab instruments come and go at The Lab World Group as they move through our QC processing and inventory system, then placed online through our website. all of our lab equipment is tested and validated by our service team and comes backed with our 30-day warranty. When you purchase with us, you are guaranteed excellent performing equipment with supportive customer care.