Biotage is a Swedish company that distributes life science equipment focusing on genetic analysis and testing along with pharmaceutical chemistry. Previously called Pyrosequencing, Biotage was initially established in 1997 by Pål Nyrén, Mostafa Ronaghi, and Mathias Uhlén with funding from Healthcap. The company produces popular gene analysis and extraction devices. These devices help study DNA samples to look at differences and mutations that cause diseases and drug implications. Biotages popular devices comprise mainly flash chromatography devices. These Biotage models include Flash 400, Flash 150, and the Flash SP1. Our service team tests all flash chromatography devices by checking the flow rate, pressure (psi), system controls, software, and power. We do this to ensure you get the best-performing product at original factory specifications at a discounted price. When purchasing a flash chromatography system, you will get top-priority customer service along with a 30-day warranty guaranteed.