Caron is a global supplier of high-quality temperature and environmental control equipment since 1985. Now based in Marietta, Ohio, the company was initially founded by Jon Bergen, an established industry veteran in temperature and environmental instruments. Today, the company has expanded by inventing new thermal as well as ecological technologies and broke into the lab market. They’ve created newer models of incubators (CO2, heated, and refrigerated), plant growth chambers, and lab recirculators. Their best products are Caron incubators (including reach-in, humidified, CO2, refrigerated, and heated) and plant growth chambers. If you’re looking for these products, check out our listings below. Each Caron lab instrument goes through our strict inbound quality control process to ensure you get the best-optimized product. All Caron products come with our 30-day warranty for extra security and peace of mind. When you purchase a Caron product from us, you are guaranteed high-quality lab instruments and reliable customer service.