Cole-Parmer is a leading manufacturer of fluidics, environmental, lab essential, analytical, and critical lab processing equipment for life sciences. Jerry Cole and John Parmer originally founded the company in 1955 within a 1200-square-foot shop on West Illinois Street in Chicago. The company shortly after acquired the peristaltic pump manufacturer Masterflex in the 1960s, followed by acquiring Gilmont instruments and then Manostat Pumps. In 2001, Cole-Parmer was acquired by Fisher Scientific, which was later bought out by Thermo. Cole Parmer is best known for its lab equipment products, including centrifuges, chromatography systems, electrophoresis systems, baths and circulators, and pipettes.

Their best-performing products include Masterflex Pump, Ultrasonic Homogenizer, and Peristaltic Pump. At The Lab World Group, we carry these lab instruments as they come and go through our inbound and outbound quality control. Each instrument comes fully tested and validated before being placed on our website and backed with our 30-day warranty.