Corning is a Fortune 500 company known for its glass-making technologies and innovations since 1851. Beginning with the invention of Thomas Eddison’s original glass enclosure for the light bulb, Corning strives for continuation in deep innovation and trust-based customer relationships within the science community. Today, they have spread into optical communications, mobile consumer electronics, display, automotive, life science, and the lab equipment market. Within the lab equipment industry, Corning produces high-quality hot plate stirrers, digital microplate shakers, microcentrifuges, and magnetic stirrers. Some of their best-known models include PC-320, PC-420, PC-520, PC-620, Hotplate Stirrers, PC-210, PC-610, Magnetic Stirrers, and the LSE High Speed Microcentrifuge. We carry a sizable selection of Corning’s products, all of which are tested and validated and backed with our 30-day warranty. When you buy from The Lab World Group, you are guaranteed ample customer service, reliability, and quality with all our products and services.