Distek, Inc. is a prominent manufacturer of laboratory testing instruments, accessories, and testing services for pharmaceutical, research, environmental, and biotech laboratories. Brinker Instruments was founded in 1972 by Gerald Brinker as a manufacturers’ representative firm for analytical instrumentation. Gerald Brinker, as the only proprietor, oversaw developing new products for a number of laboratory instrument manufacturers. Distek was founded and incorporated on June 22, 1976, from the success of Brinker Instruments expansion and with the encouragement of Gerald Brinker’s wife Pearl to grow more. Distek has since developed to provide innovation and support to many life science companies and institutions around the world. Distek’s business grew over time to include more products such as in-situ fiber optic dissolution, bathless tablet disintegration testing, content uniformity, programmable automated sampling, and other testing equipment for pharmaceutical laboratories.

Distek offers some of the most advanced laboratory apparatus systems available today. The Distek Symphony 7100 and the Distek 2500 are two of their best-performing models. Each Distek product goes through a thorough inbound quality-control process at The Lab World Group, where it is tested and validated before being published on our website for sale. Each one of our lab instruments comes fully backed with our 30-day warranty. When you buy from The Lab World Group, we guarantee you excellent customer service and top-performing equipment.