Eppendorf, a German-based company, was established in 1945 by Hans Hinz along with Heinrich Netheler. Since then, they’ve become a leading manufacturer in the life science community and well known for Eppendorf Centrifuge machines. In 1961, the company launched its first Eppendorf Pipette system, which allowed precise measurements of liquids. Their core focus is providing top-quality performance in liquid, cell, and sample handling for process and research analysis. Eppendorf has now grown to become a major global supplier of incubator shakers through their acquisition of New Brunswick Scientific, along with benchtop and tabletop centrifuges. Their staple product has been the Eppendorf 5810R for the past two decades but is well revered for their microcentrifuge and pipette instruments. We carry a large selection of their products, and item comes with our 30-day right of return warranty. All our used lab equipment come thoroughly tested and validated to perform at factory specifications. When lab instruments arrive at our facility, they going through inbound QC inspection. If any parts are suspect, they’re immediately replaced with new parts and then tested to ensure the instrument is beyond reproach. With our selection of Eppendorf and any other products, you are guaranteed quality, reliability, and excellent customer service to ensure you get the best product.