ERWEKA is a global life science company that manufactures laboratory products for use in medical, pharmaceutical, and research laboratories all around the world. The company was established in 1951 by three founders named ERwin, WErner, and KArl who chose the initials ERWEKA to represent the combined company name.  Their initial product, the AR 400 was developed in 1951, and the company’s main goal was to help supply local and small pharmacies with the equipment they needed to make tablets, powders, and salves on location. Today, ERWEKA supplies a comprehensive variety of laboratory equipment to a wide range of industrial facilities, including those engaged in the medical, pharmaceutical, and food processing industries. They provide some of the best lab equipment available, including vacuum leak systems, which we often sell. Our inbound quality control procedure ensures that you get the best possible product when ERWEKA products arrive at our facilities. When ERWEKA products arrive at our warehouse, they are certified and tested by our specialists to ensure that you receive the best possible product. A 30-day warranty and excellent customer support are included with every purchase from The Lab World Group, ensuring that you receive high-quality equipment at a reasonable price.