Grant Instruments is a life science-based company that manufactures high-quality laboratory equipment worldwide. The business was founded in 1951 when Peter Ward invented his first product, the water bath. The company then worked to improve the water bath’s capabilities. When temperature recorders were commercially accessible in 1963, Grant seized the opportunity and sold many of them to clients. By 1964, the company grew to 51 employees. Grant Instruments now sells a wide range of goods, including water baths, data loggers, centrifuges, and more. The Grant SUB Aqua Pro Water Bath and the GD-100L Water Bath are among two of their best-performing products. We have a variety of Grant products in-store, and each one is backed by a 30-day warranty. All our equipment is carefully inspected and certified in line with manufacturer requirements before it is made available for purchase on our website to ensure a quick turnaround time. When you buy any product from our selection at a low cost, you can be certain of its quality and dependability while also getting excellent customer service.