Harvard Apparatus is a life science-based company that produces high-quality, low-cost medical and scientific equipment for medical, academic, pharmaceutical, biotech, and industrial laboratories worldwide. Founded in 1901 by William Townsend Porter, a physiologist at Harvard Medical School, who grew dissatisfied with the market’s lack of high-quality, low-cost lab equipment. Porter went on to develop physiology teaching equipment that was sent to Harvard and other institutions in the region. The president of Harvard University, Charles W. Eliot, was worried about Porter running a company on Harvard property for tax reasons and obtained money for him to establish the Harvard Apparatus Company. Today the company has grown into an international seller of laboratory equipment for major institutions and businesses. The majority of Harvard Apparatus’s lab equipment is chillers, circulators, water pumps, and water baths. The Harvard Apparatus Syringe Pump is their most well-known product. We offer a variety of their products, all of which come with a 30-day warranty. To guarantee a fast turnaround time, all our equipment is thoroughly tested and certified in accordance with manufacturer specifications before it is made available for purchase on our website. When you purchase a Harvard Apparatus product from our collection at a cheap price, you can be certain in its quality and reliability, as well as receiving great customer service.