Heidolph is a leading life science manufacturer of high-quality lab equipment for medical, pharmaceutical, biotech, academic, and industrial labs. Heidolph Instruments began in 1938 as a producer of precision drive motors and has since developed into a well-known manufacturer of laboratory equipment specialized in rotary evaporation, shakers, overhead stirrers, peristaltic pumps, and magnetic hotplate stirrers. The company’s headquarters are in Schwabach, a town near Nuremberg, Germany. The Heidolph Laborata 4011 Rotary Evaporator, the Heidolph Unimax 1010, and the Titramax 1000 are among the company’s most well-known products. Our store offers a selection of Heidolph products, and each instrument is backed by a 30-day warranty. To ensure a stress-free process, all of our equipment is fully tested and confirmed to manufacturer specifications before being placed on our website. When you purchase a Heidolph product at an affordable price from our website, you can be certain of its quality and reliability while also receiving excellent customer service.