Hettich is a leading manufacturer of laboratory centrifuges worldwide. Initially, the company was founded in 1904 in Germany by Andreas Hettich to develop and innovate centrifuges. Between 1956 and 2005, the company was led by a new entrepreneur named Günter Eberle. During this stage, Hettich made many technological advancements in centrifuges, including more than 200 more patents. Today, the company supplies different types of benchtop and floor model centrifuges. Hettich produces high-performing models, including their Rotina 380, Rotanta 460R, and the Mikro 220R. Every Hettich item that we receive gets tested and validated by our technicians through our extensive quality control process to ensure you get the best performing centrifuge. All lab equipment with The Lab World Group is backed with our 30-day warranty, and every buyer receives priority customer service. When you purchase products from us, you will receive nothing but equipment entirely up to standards at a discounted price.