IKA was established in 1910 with the intent of supplying pharmacies and hospitals with stirrers and kneading machines. The company was founded by businessman Curt Janke and pharmacist Max Kunkel. Initially established in Cologne, Germany, IKA left the city after WWII in 1942 and reestablished its main facility in Staufen, Germany. This is where it quickly became one of the world’s leading companies for laboratory equipment and technology. The company now employs more than 800 people in eight locations on four different continents. IKA is best recognized for lab products such as IKA shakers, viscometers, and stirrers. Their well-known and best-performing models include IKA RCT Basic, RCT Hot Plate Stirrer, KS 130 Orbital Shaker, RET Analog Hot Plate Stirrer, and the IKA Vortex Plate Shaker.

With our process at The Lab World Group, these lab instruments come directly through our inbound process, where it’s tested, validated, and repaired (if needed), then sent over to outbound Quality control, where it’s photographed and placed on our website for our buyers. All of our used lab equipment comes fully backed with our 30-day warranty. When you purchase lab equipment from us, we guarantee optimal product working conditions and great customer satisfaction.