Infors is a worldwide producer of life science equipment for medical, academic, biotech, pharmaceutical, and industrial laboratories. Infors was established in 1965 in Basel, Switzerland, with a primary emphasis on incubator shakers and bioreactors. In the 1960s, the firm rapidly became a worldwide dominator in the incubation sector by combining incubation and shaking into a single device. Infors incubator shakers were used in many antibiotic and microbiological labs to speed up production and improve efficiency. Today, the business continues to concentrate on incubator shakers and bioreactors, as well as accessories. The Multitron and Multitron 2 incubator shakers are among their top-of-the-line products. Infors items are available on our website, and each instrument comes with a 30-day warranty. To guarantee a stress-free experience, all of our equipment is thoroughly tested and verified to manufacturer specifications before it is posted on our website.