Labconco is a leading manufacturer of laboratory instruments since 1925. Initially, Labconco was established in a garage in downtown Kansas City, Missouri from one passion — to make new scientific products. In this garage, a man by the name of Philip Goldfisch had a passion for building new, along with funky gadgets and contraptions. He was originally fascinated with conducting laboratory experiments, one in particular: nitrogen determination, out from Kjeldahl apparatuses. A salesman who happened to be visiting the area in the same year named Ralph Callaway, needed his car battery repaired and stopped at Goldfisch’s garage. It was here where Callaway and Goldfisch realized their potential in creating one of the world’s largest laboratory equipment companies. They started the new company titled Laboratory Construction Company with the mission to build and sell Kjeldahl apparatuses to milling companies around the area. In 1957, the name Laboratory Construction Company was conjoined into what is now known as the familiar name Labconco.

Labconco sells some of the best laboratory products including fume hoods, lab enclosures, biosafety cabinets, and purifiers. Some of their best-performing products include Purifier Filtered PCR Enclosure, Freezone Freeze Dryers, Xpert Laboratory Glove Box, Xpert Balance Enclosure, and the CentriVap Cold Trap. At The Lab World Group, each one of our lab instruments, including ones from Labconco, go through our carefully extensive process of inbound quality-control, being tested and validated, before being placed onto our website for sale. Each one of our lab instruments comes fully backed with our 30-day warranty. When you buy from The Lab World Group, we guarantee you excellent customer service and top-performing equipment.