LiCor is a global life science company that manufactures measurement-based biotechnology and environmental equipment. The company was founded in 1971 under the name Lambda Instruments Corporation in Lincoln, NE. The name was later shortened to LiCor. Within the biotechnology space, LiCor produces lab instruments, software, and reagents based on chemiluminescent and near-infrared fluorescent detection that are used in assays, in vivo imaging, and DNA analysis. LiCor supplies these products with LiCor Imager (with Image Studio software), Odyssey, and Western Blot Assay. Their top-performing models include Odyssey 9120 Infrared System, C-Digit Western Blot, and CLX Imaging System. Our technicians test these models as they enter our inbound quality control inspection by looking at scanning speed, laser status, and detectors along with replacing any integral parts. This is, so you get the best-performing product for your lab at a discounted price. All imagers, assays, and western blot devices purchased from our store come with a 30-day warranty and priority customer service.