Mettler Toledo is one of the biggest renowned multinational suppliers of laboratory scales and analytical instruments. Mettler Toledo was initially established in 1901 by Henry Theobald under the business name Toledo Computing Scale and Cash Register Company. At first, the company was selling a mix of cash registers and scales to businesses. In 1912, the company then changed its name to Toledo Scale Co., and in 1952, it merged with Reliance Electric Company. In 1945, Dr. Erhard Mettler, a prominent Swiss engineer, created a precision mechanics company in Küsnacht, Switzerland. He invented the principles of a single-pan balance, which became known as an analytical balance. After making a considerable number of sales, his company became known as Mettler Instruments AG. It wasn’t until both Reliance Electric Co., and Mettler Instruments AG sold their company to Ciba-Geigy AG who then took the two divisions and merged to what is now known as Mettler Toledo, Inc. in 1992. Mettler is now known for its top-notch products such as their analytical, precision, top-loading, and ultra microbalances

Some of their best-performing balances include Mettler Toledo XS204, XS205, XS64, AG204, MJ33 Moisture Balance, and XP205. Each of the Mettler Toledo products we carry (along with any other product) is carefully tested and validated through our inbound quality-control process before placing it in our outbound sales process on our website. Each product comes fully backed with our 30-day warranty. When you buy from The Lab World Group, we guarantee excellent customer service along with top-performing quality lab equipment.