Millipore Sigma is a global life science-based company that supplies lab instruments to pharmaceutical, biotech, and environmental labs. In the early 1950s, Lovell Corporation won a contract from the U.S. Army to develop membrane filtration systems that separate molecular compounds from fluid samples. When membrane filtration came to market for commercial use in 1953, Jack Bush purchased the technology for $200,000 and established the Millipore Filter Company. In 2010, Merck KGaA, the oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company globally, acquired the company and rebranded it to EMD Millipore. Then in 2015, Merck acquired Sigma-Aldrich and combined the two names to form Millipore Sigma. The company sells different types of vacuum pumps, filtration systems, and cytometers. Some of their best-performing models include Milli-Q Water purification Systems, Labscale TFF System, Guava EasyCyte Flow Cytometer, and the Milliflex Vacuum Pump. Products that arrive at our facility go through our extensive quality control process to ensure customers get the best performing products. With every product purchased on our website, customers are guaranteed priority service and a 30-day warranty. Take a look at our Millipore selection down below.