Miltenyi Biotec, which was established in 1989, is a global biotechnology and life science company. The company is located in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany, near Cologne, and it offers products and services to scientists, clinical researchers, and physicians in the fields of basic research, translational research, and clinical applications. Sample preparation, cell separation, cell sorting, flow cytometry, cell culture, molecular analysis, clinical applications, and small animal imaging techniques are among the different applications offered in products Miltenyi Biotec produces. GentleMACS Dissociator, MACSmix Tube Rotator, and AutoMACS Pro Separator are some of Miltenyi Biotec’s best-performing products. When Miltenyi Biotec products arrive at our facilities, they go through our inbound quality control process, where our experts verify and test them to guarantee you get the best product possible. When you purchase from The Lab World Group, you will get high-quality equipment at an affordable price, as well as a 30-day warranty and great customer service.