If you’re looking for reliable Spectramax microplate readers by Molecular Devices, you’ve arrived at the right place! Molecular Devices is a developer, manufacturer, and distributor of bioanalytical measurement systems for drug discovery and life science research. Founded in 1983, Molecular Devices first initially launched its first microplate reader in 1987 and since has continually developed innovative lab and bio automation systems for labs, and bought0-out several leading life science corporations including Universal Imaging Corporation in 2002 and Axon Instruments in 2004.

Most of their well-known products in the lab equipment industry are different types of microplate readers including absorbance, multimode, and tunable. Some of their top-performing products include Spectramax i3x, id3, m5, m2, and m3, along with VersaMax microplate readers. The Lab World Group carries some of these products as they come and go through our testing and validation process. Each one is sold at a substantially discounted rate with a 30-day warranty included for additional peace of mind. When you buy any Molecular Devices or any of our other products, we guarantee you priority customer service, along with quality functional lab equipment so you get the right product you need at a discounted price.