Nexcelom is a worldwide life science company that manufactures cell counting specialized lab equipment for academic, medical, pharmaceutical, research, and industrial laboratories. Nexcelom’s creators developed the CP2, a handy instrument for assisting with manual cell counting, in 2003. According to Dr. Jean Qiu, the company’s founder and CTO, a client from the National Institutes of Health contacted them and asked if there was a way to eliminate manual cell counting. Nexcelom then developed the Cellometer Auto T4 to solve this problem that detects cell concentration. Cellometer, Cellaca, and Celigo devices are being used by scientists and lab experts all over the globe for cell quantification, analysis, and cell-based assays in university and government research institutions, biotech, and industrial complexes. The Cellometer Auto 1000 and Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Counter are two of their most well-known products. Nexcelom items are available in our shop, and each instrument comes with a 30-day warranty. To provide a stress-free experience, all our equipment is thoroughly tested and verified to manufacturer specifications before it is posted on our website. When you buy a Nexcelom product from our website at a low price, you can be confident in its quality and dependability while also receiving great customer service.