Nikon Instruments, a division of Nikon Corporation, is a specialized lab instrument manufacturer that produces high-powered microscopes and optical glass. Initially launched as Nippon Kogaku KK (“Japan Optics”) in 1917 from a merger between three Japanese optical businesses, the company focused on supplying high-quality optical glass to other manufacturers and distributors. Nikon soon became a leader in optical-related products, including their famous cameras, while moving into the lab instrument space. In the 1970s, the company launched the Optiphot and Labophot microscopes, which became a gradual success, followed by 80 new products in the 1980s, including the inverted Diaphot microscope. Nikon sells 100’s of top-notch microscopes globally today. They sell anywhere from inverted, upright, multiphoton, and confocal microscopes. Their popular models include the Eclipse Microscope E200, E400, Ti Fluorescence, TS100, and TMS-F Inverted Microscope. The Lab World Group carefully tests the objectives, lenses, platforms, and replaces all lightbulbs to guarantee you get the best performing microscopes. You can expect quality customer service and a 30-day warranty for additional peace of mind when you buy our Nikon products.