OHAUS Corporation manufactures scales and balances for pharmaceutical, laboratory, educational, industrial, and life-science-based companies. Initially founded in 1907 in Newark, New Jersey, as a lab scale repair business, Gustav Ohaus decided to leave his job at an iron foundry company to start his own business with his father, Karl, who was a professional German-trained scale mechanic. In 1912, the company launched its first product, the Harvard Trip Balance, which later became the standard in mechanical balances. Today, OHAUS Corporation sells many popular lab scales and balances, including analytical, precision, and trip balances. Their popular models include Ohaus CS2000, MB120, MB25, MB23, MB27, and the MB45. Each of our Ohaus scales and balances we carry (along with our other lab equipment) goes through our strict inbound process of being thoroughly tested, validated, and repaired (if needed). For any product you purchase with The Lab World Group, you are guaranteed excellent customer service and quality equipment along with a 30-day warranty.