Parr Instrument Company is a designer, manufacturer, and seller of laboratory instruments for chemistry, pharmaceutical, biotech, and university labs and research facilities. Parr was founded in 1899 in Champaign, Illinois, with the name Standard Calorimeter Company by S.W. Parr, a professor at the University of Illinois. He developed an instrument for measuring the heat value of coal in mines, something that was not used or seen during this time. Professor Parr added more features, including a type of alloy foundry for producing a line of acid-resistant stainless steel that he used in his products and sold the parts to other users. The company produces lab instruments, including tubular reactors, pressure vessels, shaker hydrogenation, and sample preparations. Parr’s staple products include the 6100, 6200, 6400 calorimeters, and 3911 and 3196 hydrogenator apparatus shakers. Our technicians go through extensive measures to test and validate each item when we receive Parr products through our inbound quality control process. This is to ensure you get the best performing products you can rely on for a discounted price. In addition, our products come with a 30-day warranty, and all of our buyers receive top-priority customer service.