Panasonic, now PHCbi, is a life science manufacturer focusing on laboratory incubators along with refrigeration and freezer systems. In 1966, Panasonic, now PHCbi, established their Life Science division by launching their first pharmaceutical refrigerator. The company offers both laboratory freezers and incubators for usage in a variety of industries such as universities, research laboratories, pharmaceutical businesses, and hospitals in over 110 countries across the world. They have leveraged their incubation, refrigeration, and freezer technology to develop superior lab products with an emphasis on performance and reliability. Some of their staple products include PHCBI cryogenic freezers, ultra-low freezers, lab refrigerators, and CO2 incubators. Each Panasonic product that we receive is tested and validated by our technicians as part of our strict quality control process to ensure that you receive the highest performing incubators, freezers, and refrigerators. All laboratory equipment purchased from The Lab World Group comes with a 30-day warranty and all buyers receive priority customer assistance. When you purchase products from us, you will receive high-quality equipment at a low price.