Polysciences is a life science company that provides a wide range of laboratory products to biotech, medical, chemical, academic, and research laboratories worldwide. Polysciences, based in Warrington, PA, was founded in 1961 and has been manufacturing laboratory equipment for over 60 years, specializing in bioprocessing and transfection reagents, histology and cytology systems, microscopes, heating circulators, cooling circulators, and chillers. Their water bath and water chiller models are among their best-performing products. We stock a wide range of Polysciences products, and each instrument comes with a 30-day warranty. To ensure a quick turnaround time, all of our equipment is fully tested and validated to manufacturer specifications before being listed on our website. When you buy a Polysciences product from our selection, you can be sure of its quality and dependability at a discounted price, with excellent customer service.