Sartorius is a prominent international pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment supplier since 1870. Founded by Florenz Sartorius in Göttingen, Germany, the company Sartorius started off producing short-beam analytical balances. Today the company continues to make lab balances along with various essential lab equipment products, including bioreactors, flow cytometry, cell imagers, process chromatography, pipetting systems, and many more.

Some of their popular lab products include the Tacta Mechanical Pipette, MA35 Moisture Analyzer, CPA225D Analytical Balance, CP224 S Analytical Balance, CPA64 Analytical Balance, MA37 Moisture Analyzer, and MD8 Air Samplers. We carry a large selection of Sartorius products, and each instrument includes our 30-day warranty guaranteed. All of our equipment is tested and validated to factory specifications before being listed on our website. When you’re buying Sartorius products from The Lab World Group, you are guaranteed quality along with reliable equipment to ensure your get the right product for the right processes.