Tecan is a Swiss company that supplies laboratory equipment to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, forensic, clinical, and medical companies. Tecan was initially founded in Switzerland in 1980 by engineers Heinz Abplanalp, Heini Maurer, Heinz Möckli, and Gallus Blater to produce automation and detection-related lab instruments. Today, the company has acquired lab instrument companies, including IBL International, Sias, SPEware, Pulsar Technologies, and NuGEN Technologies, and has over 1200 employees globally. Tecan now produces highly-rated microplate readers and washers and continues to expand its product line to other lab instrument sectors. Some of their best-performing models include the Tecan M200, M1000, A200, D300E, EVO 200, NanoQuant, and the HydroFlex. Every microplate reader and washer gets tested and processed by checking the wavelength, temperature ranges, fluorescence, and overall functionality. Our Tecan products are in excellent condition and come with a 30-day warranty for added peace of mind.