Thermo Scientific is a world-renowned leader in life science-based products since 1956. They’re an American company based in Waltham, Massachusetts, providing science-based products in scientific instrumentation, consumables, and reagents. Thermo Fisher was created in 2006 following the merger between Thermo Electron (established in 1956) and Fisher Scientific (established 1902). Thermo Electron was co-founded by MIT Ph.D. Mechanical Engineer and Harvard Business Graduate, George N. Hatsopoulos and Peter M. Nomikos focusing on analytical and laboratory products. Fisher Scientific was founded by Chester G. Fisher in 1902 focusing on laboratory equipment, chemicals, supplies, and services to the scientific and medical community. Today, Thermo Fisher is the top global supplier for laboratory, medical and research supplies. It holds several established brand names in the lab equipment industry including Shandon, Savant, Life Technologies, Barnstead, Napco, Revco, Sorvall, Precision, and many more. Thermo is recognized for its top-notch and highly rated products such as ULT Freezers, CO2 Incubators, Sorvall Centrifuges, Lab Ovens, Thermal Cyclers, DNA Sequencers, Real-Time PCR machines, Mass Spectrometers, Chillers, Biosafety Cabinets and more.

Some of their best products include HeraCell 150i, HeraCell VIOS 160i, HeraCell 240i, Forma 3110, Sorvall Legend XTR, Sorvall Lynx 6000, Sorvall ST16, Neslab Chillers, Quanstudio qPCR, BSC 1300 Series A2, Revco Freezers, and Revco Lab Refrigerators. Each product from our Thermo selection, along with any other product, has been fully tested, validated, and comes backed with our 30-day warranty. At The Lab World Group, you are guaranteed quality along with reliable equipment and excellent customer service to ensure you get the right tools to get the job done.