UVP is a global leader in bioimaging systems for academic, biopharmaceutical, and biotechnology applications. UVP was acquired by Analytik Jena in 2013 after experiencing significant growth since its inception in 1932. Focusing on providing ultra-violet solutions and having core competence in UV-based technologies, UVP unites innovative technologies with life science applications that utilize fluorescent and luminescent imaging approaches in the science divisions of molecular, cellular, and whole-organism life. In addition, the company provides gel documentation and image acquisition systems, as well as analysis of gels, blots, fluorescence, chemiluminescence, luminescence, colorimetric, chromogenic, densitometry, in vivo and in vitro, plates, and film. UV transilluminators, UV crosslinkers, UV incubators, PCR hoods, HEPA PCR Workstations, UVP Imaging System, UV lamps, hybridization ovens, and UV light sources and radiometers are among the many products available. Each UVP product that we acquire is thoroughly tested and validated by our technicians as part of our continuous quality control process to ensure that you receive the best laboratory instruments available. Every piece of laboratory equipment purchased from The Lab World Group comes with a 30-day warranty and priority customer service. When you shop with us, you’ll get high-quality equipment at a significantly low cost.