Waters Corporation is a leading manufacturer in life science products for pharmaceutical, university, biotech, research, and medical labs across the globe. Initial operations of the business, which was founded by Jim Waters in Framingham, Massachusetts in 1958 under the name Waters Associates, were limited to the manufacture of basic scientific equipment. The company’s major breakthrough occurred in 1965 when it obtained a license from Dow Chemical to use a refractometer for the analysis of plastics. Jim created an instrument based on the refractometer, and sales went up from that point. The company is now present in 35 different countries and produces a wide range of laboratory goods, including advancements in chromatography, mass spectrometry, and thermal analysis. Some of their best performing laboratory products are the Waters 2487 Dual Wavelength Absorbance Detector, Waters Acquity UPLC System, and Waters 2489 UV Detector. A variety of their products are available for purchase at our store, and each instrument comes with a 30-day warranty. To ensure a quick turnaround time, all of our equipment is fully tested and validated to manufacturer specifications before being listed on our website. When you purchase a Waters product from our collection, you can be certain of its quality and reliability while also receiving excellent customer service at a discounted price.