Yamato Scientific Co., Ltd. is a leading life science manufacturer for biotech, medical, pharmaceutical, research laboratories. Initially established in 1889 under the name Sosuke Morikawa & Company, the company was focused on the production and sale of medical glass in Tokyo. In 1915, the company made its first development of X-ray tubes. Today Yamato has grown to become a leading distributor of many of the newest and advanced laboratory, research, and scientific instruments in the world. Some of the top-notch products they distribute include autoclaves, vacuum drying ovens, water circulators, shakers and stirrers, and incubators. Some of Yamato’s best-performing models include the DP43, ADP 31, and the Autoclave Yamato SM 510. Every Yamato product that comes through our facility adheres to our strict quality control process in which processes and parts are tested and validated up to manufacturers’ specifications. When you buy from our website, we guarantee working lab instruments and priority customer service.