Zeiss is a global leader in life science optical manufacturing for medical, pharmaceutical, academic, and biotech companies. The business was established in Jena, Germany, in 1846 by a man named Carl Zeiss. The business began as a small workshop producing precision optical equipment, but it quickly expanded to become a global supplier to numerous warehouses. The Axiostar 2, the Axio Lab A1 Microscope, and the Axioscope 5 are just a few of the finest microscopes made by Zeiss. The products from Zeiss can be found on our website, and each one comes with a 30-day warranty. Before it is listed on our website, all of our equipment is carefully tested and confirmed to manufacturer standards to provide a stress-free experience. This includes replacing any necessary light bulbs, lenses, and analog rotators. When you purchase a Zeiss product from our website, you can be sure of its quality and reliability, as well as excellent customer service.