• The Caron Incubator 7001 is available for sale from The Lab World Group
  • The Caron Incubator 7001 offers consistent incubation, and refrigeration
  • The Caron Incubator 7001 has a see through door
  • The Caron Incubator 7001 is 10 cu ft in volume
  • The Caron Incubator 7001 has a heating range between ambient +5°-70°C
  • The Caron Incubator 7001 is managed by the upfront control panel
  • The Caron Incubator 7001 features an intuitive, graphic based 7-inch touch screen
  • The Caron Incubator 7001 is easy to navigate
  • The Caron Incubator 7001 lets users customize their status center, and also keeps track of, and reminds users of when preventative maintenance is due
  • The Caron Incubator 7001 is controlled by the gVapor system to deliver vapor as needed without wasting energy
  • The Caron Incubator 7001 allows for faster recovery, quicker response time and setpoint changes to minimize water use
  • The Caron Incubator 7001 has been fully inspected
  • The Caron Incubator 7001 is gently used
  • The Caron Incubator 7001 comes with current validations
  • The Caron Incubator 7001 is ready to ship

Caron Refrigerated Incubator 7001 | Heating and Cooling, Dual Stack


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The Caron Refrigerated Incubator 7001 gives users a wide temperature range, high capacity processing, and uniform circulation. These double-stacked incubators both heat and cool, using a back-to-front directed airflow for a chamber uniformity of ±0.3°C. The triple-pane glass door is tightly sealed, retains temperatures, and is condensation resistant, allowing users to visually inspect their samples quickly and easily.



The Caron Refrigerated Incubator 7001 has a temperature range of between 5 degrees above ambient to 70 degrees Celsius, with a uniformity of ±0.3°C. The interior of each unit has 10 cu ft or 283 liters of workspace set unit of the unit to maximize floor space. Using the gROD refrigeration system only turns on when it’s needed, reducing the heat cast off the instrument and lowering your HVAC needs. This lab incubator maintains 5°C without a disruptive defrost spike.



These Caron BOD Incubators feature an intuitive, graphics-based 7-inch touch screen for quick navigation and set up, even with gloves on. From this screen users of this lab, the incubator can choose set points, set alarm parameters, check statuses, and allow for worry-free operation. This command center also alerts users to upcoming maintenance or issues that need immediate attention. The Caron 7001-10 has durable construction with a stainless steel interior and powder-coated cold-rolled steel exterior.

Caron Refrigerated Incubator 7001 Specifications:

Interior Dimensions 



25 cubic feet (708L)

Temperature Range

5°C to 70°C

Temperature Control


Temperature Uniformity


Environmentally Preferable Attribute

Product is energy and/or water efficient

Temperature Sensor

3-wire RTD


115 v, 60 Hz, 12A




730 lbs

  • Caron Double Stack | CAT# 7001-10-1 | MSRP: $36,937.90 ($18,468.95 each)
  • Temperature Validation Report
  • Shelves 
  • Chart Recorders
  • User Manual
  • 120V Power Cords (10A each)
  • 30-Day Warranty

This system is slightly used and has been fully tested by our service team with a clean bill of health.  All of our lab equipment comes backed by our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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