CEM Discover LabMate Microwave Reactor with Intellivent and Explorer 24

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The CEM Discover LabMate Microwave Synthesis Reactor provides a means for small scale synthetic work in microwave assisted chemistry. By using microwaves for a low frequency energy source, users can see faster reactions, higher yields, greater control of reactions with improved reproducible results, and an overall improvement in purity. This microwave reactor is flexible and can be applied to all sorts of chemistry types from high-temperature nanomaterial synthesis reactions to low temperature carbohydrate reactions, with the added benefit of being instant on and instant off to reduce the risk of overheating. The CEM Discover LabMate Microwave Synthesis Reactor supports a range of volumes from 5ml to 125 ml, with a selectable power output of 0 - 300 watts (+/- 30 watts), in 1-watt increments. This digitally controlled microwave reactor has a 4-line display, that allows access to programming, and control of the system, with recall of up to 20 methods. This microwave synthesizer can also be controlled through a PC with Synergy software that provides users with a powerful tool to create and store methods, analyze data, convert traditional chemistries to microwave reactions, and monitor progress. The CEM Discover LabMate also features 3 safety interlocks and monitoring system to prevent microwave emission when the attenuator port is not properly installed.

With the CEM Discover LabMate Microwave Synthesis Reactor is the Intellivent pressure control system to continuously monitor the pressure in the vial for safe operation. This system is connected to a 10mL vessel and is designed to detect changes for an indirect measurement of the reaction vessel contents. The load cell inside has sensor housing that incorporates a capture and release mechanism to secure the reaction in the cavity. Pressure is programmable from 0 - 300 psi (0 - 21 bar). When coupled with our snap-on caps, this technology relieves excess pressure in the reaction vessel, no manual venting with needle required. Also partnered with the CEM Discover LabMate is the Explorer 24 Automation system, that holds up to 24 10 ml vials for a fully automated reaction solution.

CEM Discover with Intellivent Explorer 24 Specifications:

Magnetron Frequency

 2455 MHz

Microwave Cavity

Heavy-duty, multi-layer stainless steel

Power Output

0-300 watts ±10%

Intellivent  Programable Pressure Range

0.300 psi (0-21 bar)






120/240v, 50/60Hz, 0.75w


  • CEM Discover with Intellivent Explorer 24 
  • Windows 7 Notebook with Synergy Software
  • 10ml attenuator 
  • 10ml racks (4qty)
  • 80ml attenuator 
  • 80ml pressure top
  • 120V Power Cord
  • Operator's Guide
  • 30-Day Warranty

This CEM Discover with Intellivent Explorer 24 has been fully inspected and is ready to ship. All of our lab equipment is backed with our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please dont hesitate to contact us. 

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