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The CTC HTC PAL Autosampler offers reliable, high-throughput, and accurate screening for today’s fast paced analytical labs.  The HTC PAL increases productivity with task orientated programming along with options and accessories for additional sample handling routines.  This reliable Autosampler automatically opens a stack drawer, aspirates the sample and injects into a fast switching LC valve. This autosampler has the ability to handle routine GC and LC injection applications with precise XYZ sample handling, ensuring dependable analysis results.  

The HTC PAL syringe combines manual sample injection with precision and throughput of a robotic liquid handler.  This autosampler has a sample capacity of up > 600 2ml standard vials, up to 24 microplates while taking up minimal benchspace. The temperature controlled sample storage of this robotic liquid handler can heat samples for kinetic assays or keeps samples from degrading. CTC High Throughput System PAL was manufactured for automated parallel LC-MS applications.  


 CTC Analytics HTS PAL Autosampler Specifications:


100-240V, 120W, 50/60Hz 


4°C - 40°C constant temperature, < 80% humidity (non condensing) 


23x19x27 inches


40 lbs

Syringe Sizes

10µl, 25µl, 100µl, 250µl, 500µl, 1000µl, 2500µl und 5000µl

Injection speed:

Selectable from 0.01 µl/sec. up to 250 µl/sec

Sample Capacity:

up to 400 1ml microvials

up to 648 2ml standard vials

up to 64 10/20ml vials

up to 24 Standard Microplate (96/384 wells)

up to 12 Deepwell Microplates (96/384 wells)

  • CTC Analytics HTC PAL
  • Refrigerated Sampler Holder
  • Controller
  • Pump Head
  • Power Adapter
  • Operator's Guide
  • 30-Day Warranty

The CTC Analytics HTC PAL autosampler is in excellent working condition and backed with our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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