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The ETS Vibration Table offers you a cost effective and efficient solution for your product testing and stress screening needs. This air-cooled vibration shaker is an ideal choice for the testing of small components such as electronic sub-assemblies, automotive devices, portable music players and connectors. The ETS shaker has a static payload weight of up to 660 lbs, and has a usable frequency range of up to 3500 Hz. The ETS Solutions 620M systems are ideal for fulfilling requirements like ISO 18436-1 and ISO 18436-2 and has applications in medical research and test lab materials analysis.

The ETS Vibration Table has a magnesium armature with a diameter of 7.9 in, with servo controlled operation up to 2 in continuous displacement. This shake table is built for high lateral and torsional stiffness giving users high performance and low distortion levels for dependable, versatile use. This electro-dynamic shaker comes with an amplifier that provides microprocessor control of full power output over a broad frequency band. This Vibration table also comes with a VR9500 controller, built for quickly processing large data points, directly in the hardware box and communicates them to a connected PC. The VR9500 effectively runs both low and high sample rates and has a resolution up to 26,000 lines on up to 4 simultaneous control loops.

ETS Vibration Table MPA102-L620M Specifications:

System Performance

Sine Force

1,320 lbf 600 kgf

Random Force

1,320 lbf 600 kgf

Shock Force (6ms)

2,640 lbf 1,200 kgf

Useful Frequency Range

 DC to 3,500 Hz

Continuous Displacement

2.0 in 51 mm

Shock Displacement

2.0 in 51 mm

Max Velocity

5.9 ft/s 1.8 m/s

Max Acceleration (sine)

100 g 981 m/s²


Armature Diameter

7.9 in 200 mm

Armature Material


Effective Armature Mass

13.2 lb 6 kg

Load Attachment Points

Armature Insert Pattern (PCD)

8 on 4.0 in : 8 on 6.25 in  8 on 100 mm : 8 on 160 mm

First Resonant Frequency ¡À5, bare table

3,300 Hz

Max Static Payload

660 lb 300 kg

Natural frequency thrust axis

< 5 Hz<

Stray Flux Density

< 10 gauss


Max number of sub-modules supplied


Max Power Output:

12 kVA

Max Output Voltage:

120 V rms

Max Output Current:

 100 A rms

Number of Cabinets:


Amplifier Efficiency:

> 92%

Max. Output Voltage:

120 V rms

Max. Output Current per module (Continuous):

50 A rms

Max. Output Current per module (Transient):

150 A rms

Amplifier Frequency Response:

From DC (0.1 Hz) to 4,500 Hz: ±3 dB; From 10 Hz to 3,000 Hz: ±1 dB

Input Drive:

1.5 V rms into 10 k Ohms for full output 120 V rms

Input Impedence:

10 k ohm for direct coupled single ended connection. Output load connections are isolated from ground.

DC Stability:

Less than 0.05% of full output voltage with 10% change in line voltage.


More than 65 dB at 100 V rms output, 10 k ohm input termination with rated resistive load.

Total Harmonic Distortion (at max. output):

 From DC (0.1 Hz) to 500 Hz < 0.5%; From 500Hz to 4,500 Hz < 1.0%

Switching Frequency:

112 kHz


< 0.05% variation of full output voltage with a 10% change in line voltage

Inrush Current Limiting:

Soft start with current sensing and fault detection


37.1x24.9x28.0 in (Shaker)  21.6 x 26.8 x 57.3 in (Amplifier)


1610 lb (Shaker) 616 lb (Amplifier)



  • ETS Vibration Table MPA102-L620M
  • Controller
  • Power Supply
  • Pump 
  • Accessories as seen in photos
  • VR9500 Revolution Controller with VibrationView 
  • Being Sold As Is

This ETS Vibration Table MPA102-L620M has been fully inspected and is ready to ship. Should you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

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