Fisher Scientific Vortex Genie 2 with Test Tube Top

  • Fisher Scientific Vortex Genie 2 available from The Lab World Group, sellers of quality used lab equipment
  • The Fisher Scientific Genie2 Vortexers are used throughout the globe to mix lab samples
  • The Fisher Scientific G560 Vortexor make for a great lab mixer
  • The Fisher Scientific Vortexer comes with soft test tube cup
  • The Fisher Scientific Lab Mixers come with touch control option
  • Fisher Scientific Vortex Genie 2 has a removable chemically resistant test tube cup
  • The Fisher Scientific Vortex Genie 2 has just enough weight to keep it from walking
  • The Fisher Scientific Vortex Genie 2 has 3 speeds for shake and 8 speed for vortex




Fisher Scientific
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The Fisher Scientific Genie 2 Vortexers make for a great lab mixer.  The G560 Genie 2 Vortexers are constructed out of high quality material to perserve the product's shelf life and come with quick touch controls.  Vortexer head attachments can either come in flat bottom, or test tube design.  The test tube cup will hold most all test tubes and is made of chemically resistant rubber. This Lab Mixer includes analog speed controls, and weighs just enough to stop it from walking across your benchtop.  Contact us today with questions about our Fisher Scientific Vortex Genie 2.

Fisher Vortex Genie 2 Spcifications:

Dimensions (L x W x H)7x5x7
Speed (RPM)600-3200 
Weight (lbs)11 lbs
Power120 V 0.65A 60 Hz

  • Fisher Scientific Genie 2 Vortexer
  • Test Tube Cup
  • Power Cord
  • 30-Day Warranty

This used lab equipment listing is for a Fisher Scientific Vortexer.  The G560 Genie 2 has been tested and is ready to ship.  Please fill out the contact form below if you would like to receive a quote.  Don't forget we buy used lab equipment as well.  Should you have any used lab instruments for sale please let us know.

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