Lab Liquidation Services

Surplus lab equipment that lies idle in a facility eats up valuable lab space, space that could be used for more relevant equipment. Not only is there hogging of real estate, but also it's tying up capital on your balance sheet. When the time comes to clear some room, we’re here to help. One option available? Lab Liquidation.

The Lab World Group offers a variety of services when it comes to managing a laboratory, from sourcing equipment to delivery and set up. That also includes laboratory liquidation.  Lab liquidation is a hassle-free form of lab asset management that offers guaranteed conversion, fair pricing, and a quick selling cycle.

Whether you’re looking to reduce inventory, sell a single lab instrument or you’re looking to shut down an entire facility we can help with every step. We offer several solutions to assist you with maximizing the return on your initial investment. A full, turn-key laboratory liquidation of a facility can be performed in under 60 days. We can also relocate used lab instruments, even, if need be, host the event are our warehouse. Our trained sales and relocation teams will help develop an individualized plan for maximized value. Unloading surplus or idle equipment is important for companies to ensure they are getting the most out of their lab, the equipment, and their investment. Contact us today to learn how lab liquidation can be the solution you’ve been looking for.