Labconco XPert Balance Enclosure - 4 foot

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The Labconco Xpert balance enclosure protects users from exposure to particulates, fumes and powders while executing weight procedures. This weighing cabinet can be ducted to an outside connection, or like this balance enclosure, connected to a FilterMate Remote Exhauster for flexible placement. The FilterMate portable exhauster uses 99.9% effective HEPA filtration to exhaust air back into the room, removing particulates up to 0.3 micron in size. This laminar flow hood achieves maximum containment through use of a clean-sweep air foil that allows air to sweep the work surface away from the users while the upper containment sash directs contaminants away from the users breathing space.

The Labconco Xpert balance enclosure is ideally suited for field such as research and development and other applications where labs must weigh toxic substances. The interior of this safety enclosure is generous and can accommodate large micro and analytical balances. This sturdily constructed balance enclosure is low profile for easy placement, and coated with corrosion resistant epoxy over aluminum, with a steel baffle and plenum to discharge static. The front sash, sides and top of this lab safety cabinet and made from tempered safety glass, for corrosion resistance and high visibility. The Labconco Xpert balance enclosure has an 8-inch sash opening and is set at 20° for closer viewing of samples without glare from overhead lights. Also in the rear of this safety enclosure are two utility ports to accommodate tubing, interface cables and power cords of the instruments used inside.

Labconco XPert Balance Enclosure Specifications:

Airflow Monitor: 

Guardian 1000 Digital

Air Usage/Static Pressure with Sash At Working Height:

At 60 fpm, exhausts 150 CFM at .06" H2O static pressure.

At 80 fpm, exhausts 200 CFM at .10" H2O static pressure.


100-115 V, 60 Hz


48 x 30 x 31 inch

Internal Working Area Dimensions 

46.5 x 23 x 22 inch

Sash Opening Height: 

8.0" (20.3 cm)


200 lbs


ANSI Z9.5, Modified ASHRAE 110, SEFA 1

  • Labconco XPert Balance Enclosure Catalog # 3930401 (4')
  • Guardian Airflow Monitor System
  • Labconco FilterMate HEPA Filtration System Catalog # 3970000
  • Exhaust Hose
  • 115V Power Cord
  • Epoxy Table Top
  • Warranty

This Labconco XPert Balance Enclosure has been thoroughly inspected and  is in great condition. All of our lab equipment comes backed with our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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