Second Hand Lab Equipment

Why Buy Second-Hand Lab Equipment?

Used Lab Equipment can be one of the smartest ways to stretch your laboratory budget. Quite often a lab will purchase a brand new piece of equipment only to find they don’t need it after all. That unused instrument then is sold off when the lab liquidates. Great deals on in the box equipment can be had when it comes to buying used lab equipment. At the Lab World Group, even second-hand laboratory equipment is thoroughly inspected and vetted before it is put forward for sale.

Our technicians carefully unpack the second-hand lab equipment, make sure that it turns on, check for dents or damage, and run a diagnostic report where applicable. You can be sure that refurbished lab equipment is functional and ready to go when you need it. As always all of our gently used comes backed with our standard warranty.  If you have any questions about our reconditioned lab equipment please contact us.  We have several associates available to answer any of your questions.  

Categories of Second Hand Lab Equipment We Carry:

Analyzer Lab Freezers Microplate Readers
Autoclaves Histology Equipment Microscopes
Centrifuges Homogenizers Misc. Used Lab Equipment
Chillers Biosafety Cabinets - Hoods PCR & Real-Time PCR
HPLC Chromatography Incubators Spectrophotometers
Balances Gel Imagers & Scanners Shakers
Cryogenics Used Lab Equipment DNA Sequencers
Bioreactors Lyophilizer - Freeze Dryers SpeedVac Systems
Flow Cytometers Mass Spectrometers - LC/MS Water Purification