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The Lab World Group is a buyer and seller of refurbished and used lab equipment.  We offer several solutions to manage your assets while bringing you the highest return for your surplus lab equipment.  Each of our services deliver a variety of solutions custom tailored to our client’s needs, while providing different ROI, selling cycle and conversion rates.  Our asset management solutions include Broker, Consignment, Lab Liquidation Auction, Outright Purchase and Equipment Valuation.

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Under our Consignment Solutions, we will remove your equipment from your facility and deliver it to our temperature controlled, ADT secure warehouse.  The Lab World Group, acting as your exclusive agent of equipment consigned to us, will conduct a concentrated professional marketing campaign to promote the sale of your instruments.  We charge a seller and buyer’s premium equal to a percentage of the sale of your used lab equipment.  All consigned instruments go through our quality control process and backed with our standard warranty.  Seller is paid prior to instruments leaving our facility and we will take care of all of packaging and logistics of your used lab equipment.  Our Consignment Solutions offer a great ROI, with quick selling cycle and high conversion rate while freeing up your valuable lab space.

Customers who choose our Lab Liquidation services are typically looking to sell within a short period of time. Whether they’ve decided to close down a division within their company, an entire facility, or bankruptcy, time is of the essence and we can help.  Acting as your exclusive agent we will come to your facility and do an equipment assessment and begin scheduling a lab auction event.  We can customize a time table to meet your needs.  Once a Lab Auction has been scheduled, we will broadcast the event to a large database of qualified buyers from various market places targeted for your specific instruments.  We will charge a buyer and sellers premium equal to a percentage of the sale for each auctioned lot. Once the event has concluded, the seller will be paid in full within five business days.  Buyer’s will be responsible for scheduling the removal of the equipment they purchased from the lab auction.  This service offers a lower ROI, quick selling cycle and high conversion rate.

Along with the other solutions we provide, we also offer the opportunity to purchase your used lab equipment outright, making it a hassle-free transaction.  Once we’ve come to an agreement on the purchase price of your used lab instruments, the seller will be paid in full within 48 hours of acceptance.  In most cases, The Lab World Group will handle the removal of the instruments allowing scientists to do what they do best.  The transaction is completely seamless and one of our most popular asset management solutions.  This service offers a decent ROI, the quickest selling cycle and a guaranteed conversion rate.

If you're looking to sell your used lab equipment, but just don't know what it's worth, we can help.  With over a decade of buying and selling used lab instruments we've compiled a database of sold instruments from various marketplaces.  We understand sale cycles, trends and most importantly the fair market value of your equipment.  Contact us today to receive an assessment on your used instruments.