Sorvall Legend RT Centrifuge

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The Sorvall Legend RT  Refrigerated Centrifuge marries speed and capacity with a wide selection of rotors and adapters for reliable high capacity use. This benchtop centrifuge can run up to 3 liters in a single run with a temperature range of -9°C to 40 °C to help protect temperature sensitive samples.  This tabletop centrifuge gets higher capacities up to higher speeds with a speed range of 300 rpm to 15 000 rpm, in 10 rpm increments, depending on the rotor. The Sorvall Legend RT has user friendly functionality with easy soft touch keypad for one touch control of speed, programming and pre-cooling functions as well as setting speed, RCF value, desired run time and how quickly the instrument accelerates and decelerates on a run. This whisper quiet centrifuge is easy to maintain as well with a brushless motor, and a SMARTspin imbalance detection system for safe use. This sorvall centrifuge easily accommodates blood collection tubes, conical tubes, flasks, and micro-tubes.  The Legend RT is ideally suited for both research and clinical separation needs.

Sorvall Legend RT Refrigerated Centrifuge Specifications:

Speed Range

300 - 15,000 RPM (Rotor Dependent)

Maximum g-Force

24,400 x g (RCF)

Maximum Capacity

4 x 750ml


Brushless motor


4 user programs

Temperature range

-9°C - 40°C

Run Time

- 9 hrs. 59 minutes continuous

Dimensions (W x D x H) 

28.7" x 26.2" x 14.3" (inches) Weight 288lbs


120 Volt, 60Hz

  • Sorvall Legend RT Refrigerated Centrifuge
  • 4-Place Swing Rotor Cat# 3445
  • Two Buckets with two 15ml Inserts
  • Two Microplate Carriers
  • 120V Power Cord
  • New Door Pistons
  • Operator's Guide
  • 30-Day Warranty

This listing for a Sorvall Legend RT comes with the pictured rotor package and a clean bill of health. Our service team carefully inspects every element and component of our machines and replaces degraded parts as part of the refurbishment process along and validate the instrument. We verify this benchtop centrifuge’s speed range using a NIST traceable laser tachometer prior to being listed on our website, in addition to temperature ranges and sound level. Each test is logged into our inventory systems, per asset and at any given time we can pull the record to show you what tests have been done.  If you have questions about our process, or would like to know the Legend RT Price, please request a quote from our sales team. 

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