Tecan Infinite M200 Microplate Reader

  • The Tecan Infinite M200 Plate Reader available from The Lab World Group, used lab equipment dealers in Boston
  • The Tecan Infinite M200 has a modular design allowing users to customize their machines to suit their needs
  • The Tecan Infinite M200 uses Dual monochomators to give you superior sensitivity, accuracy, repeatability and a flexible range of wavelengths
  • The Tecan Infinite M200 uses a Xenon Flashlamp
  • The Tecan Infinite M200 uses a silicone photodiode for absorbance
  • The Tecan Infinite M200 has a possible wavelength range of 230 – 1000 nm in 1nm steps
  • The Tecan Infinite M200 has a measurement range of 0-3 OD
  • The Tecan Infinite M200 uses a standard PMT detector
  • The Tecan Infinite M200 comes with a cuvette module
  • The Tecan Infinite M200 gives users easy computer controlled access to all wavelengths
  • The Tecan Infinite M200 offers up to 8 detection modes such as fluorescence intensity
  • The Tecan Infinite M200 accommodates 6- to 384-well plates, cuvettes, and PCR plates
  • The Tecan Infinite M200 is capable of both fixed wavelength reading as well as scanning spectrophotometric measurements


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The Tecan Infinite M200 offers an easy to control, modular monochromator-based reading instrument that can expand functions when needed. This Tecan plate reader is configured for top and bottom fluorescence intensity, as well as monochromator absorbance, with a standard PMT. The M200 microplate reader uses double monochromators on both the excitation and emission sides to give you a flexible range of wavelengths for absorbance, excitation and emission scans with a bandwidth of 20 nm. The software control of this Infinite 200 means you can select any wavelength with in the range of 230 – 1000nm in 1nm steps, and records not only single wavelength measurements but also absorbance and fluorescence spectra.


The Tecan Infinite M200 comes with powerful software that allows users complete control of the reader, including adding multiple reads per well. The Tecan i-Control or Tecan Magelllan software offers two levels of controlling data. i-Control will allow you to operate the plate reader with ease, letting you construct complex workflows and uses a drag and drop format, as well as kinetic measurements, multi labeling and dispenser control should you choose to add the module later. The Tecan Magellan software interface gives even greater control over data and lets users comply with CFR2 part 11 regulations. This interface provides not only comprehensive control but also data processing, presentation and flexible graphic representations.

Tecan Infinite M200 Microplate Reader Specifications:

Light source 

High energy Xenon Flash lamp

Wavelength selection

Monochromators system




Silicon photodiode

Wavelength Range

230 – 1000 nm in 1nm steps

Measurement Range

0-3 OD

Wavelength accuracy

≤ ± 1.5 nm λ > 315 nm;

≤ ± 0.8 nm λ ≤ 315 nm

Fluorescence Intensity Top and Bottom




Wavelength Range


Flashes per well


Fluorescein Detection Limit [pM] Top

< 20 pM

Fluorescein Detection Limit [pM] Bottom

< 100 pM

Uniformity at 25 nM Fluorescein

< 3 % CV

Reproducibility at 25 nM Fluorescein

< 2 %




From 6-well to 384-well plates


Linear, orbital




35 lbs




115V 50/60Hz

  • Tecan Infinite M200 Multi-Mode Plate Reader
  • Windows 7 Notebook with Magellan 7.2 with I-Control
  • 30015892 Option Monochromator FL Top
  • 30015893 Option Monochromator FL Bottom
  • 30015894 Option Monochromator Absorbance
  • 30015896 Option PMT Standard
  • Fluorescence Validation Report
  • Absorbance Validation Report
  • Communication Cable
  • Tecan M200 User Manual
  • 120V Power Cord
  • 30-Day Warranty

This Tecan Infinite M200 Multi-Mode Plate Reader has been fully inspected and comes with a clean bill of health and current Absorbance and Fluorescence reports. All of our lab equipment comes backed with our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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