Thermo Cryomed Controlled Rate Freezer 7450

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The Thermo CryoMed Controlled-Rate Freezer 7450 provides easy to use, precisely controlled freezing in an intuitive instrument. The chamber and sample temperatures for this compact lab freezer is displayed on the easy to read backlit LCD screen, along with status updates. This 17L CryoMed Controlled-rate freezer by Thermo has a fixed-mount Type T thermocouple that controls the Chamber Temperature and it also includes a flexible cable.  The temperature range of this cryogenic freezer is between -150° and 50°C, for a complete one piece freezing system. When sample temperatures are equilibrated within 1ºC a pre-cool step is automatically engaged to ramp the temperature. The user-friendly control panel is intuitive and allows precise, digital temperature control. To accelerate freezing for optimum cell viability, dual solenoid valves boost LN2 injection volume coupled with a distinctively built air handling system and liquid nitrogen ring that operates in tandem for accurate temperature control and uniformity.

The 7450 CryoMed controlled-rate freezer is microprocessor controlled with 6 preset and 10 user-defined freezing profiles, holding up to 20 steps each. This lab freezer features an audible alarm to alert users when the hold time has elapsed, or in the event of a power outage lasting more than 10 seconds. This controlled rate freezer has other added security features such as a modifiable access code and over temperature protection for the heating element. This cryogenic freezer is constructed of 304 stainless with an epoxy coated powder finish that resists corrosion, with foamed in-place polyurethane insulation for excellent uniformity. This controlled rate freezer can also be controlled by PC, allowing you to download profiles, sample information, and capture graphs.

Thermo CryoMed Controlled-Rate Freezer 7450 Specifications:


0.6 cu. ft. | 17 liters

Temperature Range

-180° to +50°C

Interior Dimensions (D x W x H)

13" x 7" x 12"

Exterior Dimensions (D x W x H)

20.4" x 31.7" x 20.4" 


120V,   60Hz, 12.0 a


  • Thermo CryoMed Controlled-Rate Freezer 7450 
  • Sample Shelves
  • 115V Power Cord
  • 30-Day Warranty

This Thermo CryoMed Controlled-Rate Freezer 7450 has been fully inspected and is operating without issue. All of our lab equipment comes backed with our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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