Thermo Evolution 201 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

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The Thermo Scientific Evolution 201 Spectrophotometer offers you versatile use and consistent, high quality results for your UV-Vis assay needs. Double beam geometry captures any change in ratio to negate the effect of a changing sample, ideal for kinetics and long term processing with this UV-Vis spectrophotometer. A precise monochromator offers you variable scan speeds from <1 to 6000 nm per minute. This uv-vis spectrophotometer employs a xenon lamp, that’s long lasting, and requires no warm up time for instant measurements and increased productivity.  The Thermo Scientific Evolution 201 Spectrophotometer has a simple to navigate onboard computer with a clean interface, with workflows that can be dedicated to specific users, and that can guide through even the most complex assay.

This customizable interface can add interactive buttons and step by step instructions, prompting users to complete tasks in sequence, as well as automatically display and store results.  The Thermo Scientific Evolution 201 also has trigger connections to help start the next part of your process or signal when a measurement should take place. Data from this spectrophotometer can be exported via USB port to either a pc, a memory device or an external printer. INSIGHT software for this uv-vis spectrophotometer allows you to customize your reports to fit your needs, can be added to to make it 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.  The Thermo Scientific Evolution 201 Spectrophotometer also has an array of separate accessories that can be added to give even more robust results and more flexibility to fit your laboratory’s needs. With the use of these accessories you can build your own detector configuration.  Contact us today to learn more about UV-Vis Spectrophotometer. 

Thermo Evolution Specifications:

Optical Design Double-beam with sample and reference cuvette positions Czerny-Turner Monochromator
Spectral Bandwidth(s) 1.0 nm

Light Source 

Xenon flash lamp, 3-year warranty (5 years typical lifetime)
Detector Dual Silicon Photodiodes
Scan Ordinate Modes 

Absorbance, % Transmittance, % Reflectance, Kubelka-Munk, log (1/R), log (Abs), Abs*Factor, Intensity

Resolution > 1.6 (peak-to-valley ratio; toluene in hexane)


Range 190 –1100 nm
Accuracy ± 0.8 nm (full range 190 to 1100 nm) ± 0.5 nm (546.11 nm mercury line)

Repeatability ≤ 0.1 nm (546.11 nm mercury line, SD of 10 measurements)
Scanning Speed < 1 to 6000 nm/min; variable
Data Intervals 

10, 5, 2, 1.0, 0.5, 0.2, 0.1 nm


Range > 3.5 A
Display Range -0.3 to 4.0 A
Accuracy – 

Instrument 0.5 A: ± 0.004 A; 1A: ± 0.006 A 2A: ± 0.010 A Measured at 440 nm using neutral density filters traceable to NIST/NPL

Accuracy – Sealed Solutions ± 0.010 A (60 mg/L K2Cr2O7)(EP/BP/TGA)


0A: ≤ 0.00015 A; 1A: ≤ 0.00050 A; 2A: ≤ 0.00080 A

Drift (Stability) 

< 0.0005 A/hr, 500 nm, 1.0 nm SBW, 1 hour warm-up

Stray Light

KCl, 198 nm: ≤ 1% T; NaI, 220 nm: ≤ 0.05% T; NaNO2,340 nm: < 0.05% T

Baseline Flatness ± 0.0010 A; 200 – 800 nm, 1.0 nm SBW, smoothing

Keypad SealedMembrane
Power115V 50/60Hz
Dimensions24 x 20 x 13 "
Weight34 lbs

  • Thermo Evolution 201 Spectrophotometer
  • Windows 7 Notebook with Thermo Insight CUE
  • Single Cell Peltier System
  • Millipore Peristaltic Pump with Tubing
  • Communication Cable
  • 115V Power Cord
  • Operator's Guide
  • 30-Day Warranty

This Thermo Evolution 201 Spectrophotometer has been fully inspected and is operating without issue. All of our lab equipment comes backed with out standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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