Thermo Heraeus Megafuge 1.0 Centrifuge

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The Thermo Heraeus Megafuge 1.0 Centrifuge is designed to be durable and long lasting, with user friendly operation for your hematology needs. This blood centrifuge can hold up to 48 blood collection tubes, or 12 conical tissue culture tubes and spins at Max. RCF: 6,240 x g, and 6000 RPM. This maintenance free centrifuge is powered by an brushless induction motor with quick braking and acceleration, with very little dust build up. This benchtop centrifuge is an ideal choice for applications in serological testing, cell biology testing, separating blood components, radioimmunoassays, cytocentrifugation and many more.

The Thermo Heraeus Megafuge 1.0 Centrifuge is microprocessor controlled, and has an easy to read display. Displaying the current RCF value is as easy as the push of a button, users can also access a soft brake feature, as well as an adjustable brake cut off. This benchtop centrifuge has a timed function that can be set for between 1-99 mins, continuous operations, or a shorter “soft run”. This benchtop centrifuge uses highly versatile swing bucket rotors, with a wide variety of accessories available from the manufacturer to suit your purposes. The Megafuge 1.0 has an automatic lid lock and lid interlock, as well as a digital self-diagnosis system for constant status monitoring. 

 Thermo Heraeus Megafuge 1.0 Centrifuge Specifications:

Max. RCF x g 


Max. speed rpm


Max. capacity ml 

4 x 400 


Normal or “Soft-run”


On/off brake, adjustable brake cut-off

Run time 

1 – 99 min., continuous operation

Program memory 

The last data entered remains stored. Data is preserved even in the event of a power failure.


  Lid lock and lid interlock, imbalance cut-out, armored rotor chamber, in compliance with IEC 1010


18 x 21 x 16


132 lbs


120V, 60 Hz, 700W, 

  • Thermo Heraeus Megafuge 1.0 Centrifuge 
  • 4-Place Swing Rotor
  • Four Buckets with pictured inserts
  • 120V Power Cord
  • 30-Day Warranty

This Thermo Heraeus Megafuge 1.0 Centrifuge  has been fully inspected and is performing to expectations. All of our lab equipment comes backed with our standard warranty. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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